Our business is all about going fast. 30+ years of building engines, winning races, and dyno testing are all testaments to our quality of work and commitment to our customers. So of course, performance upgrades of all sorts are a common sight in our shop.

We’re car guys. We love all kind of iron; new or old. We can install a bitchin’ supercharger on your big block Chevrolet or add a stand-alone ECU to your modern vehicle.

Looking for a short-block? A long-block? An entire engine package? No problem. We can build an assembly to any level that you wish. Bring your own gear, use our stock, or even get a recommendation for new parts. We can handle it.

Like going fast on water? We talk boats here. We’ve been working on boats for decades and we’re up to date with all makes and models. We’re happy to do anything from basic service to entire engine overhauls.

Give a call at (937) 773-8909 or Contact Us to see what we can do for you.