When it comes to car ownership, keeping your vehicle maintained is the best way to save money. Keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance will help you avoid costly auto repairs! With today’s modern cars and their high quality engineering, proper maintenance can easily allow your vehicle to stay on the road for 200,000 miles and beyond!

Here is a list of some of the services that we offer to help maintain your vehicle:

  • Check/replace the engine oil and replace oil filters
  • Check/replace fuel filters
  • Inspect or replace windshield wipers
  • Check or refill windshield washer fluid
  • Inspect tires for pressure and wear
  • Tire rotation
  • Check, clean or replace battery/terminals
  • Inspect or replace brake pads
  • Check or flush brake fluid
  • Check or flush transmission fluid
  • Check or flush power steering fluid
  • Check and flush engine coolant
  • Inspect or replace spark plugs
  • Inspect or replace air filter
  • Inspect or replace timing belt and other belts
  • Lubricate locks, latches, hinges
  • Check all lights
  • Tighten chassis nuts and bolts
  • Check if rubber boots are cracked and need replacement
  • Test electronics, e.g., Anti-lock braking system or other systems
  • Read fault codes from the Engine Control Unit
  • And more!

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Having issues with your car? Is it making an odd noise? Is it just not running the way that it should? No Problem.

Your vehicle is your life. It gets you to work, to the grocery, and even the kids to practice. That is why when you have a problem with your car, you need it fixed right away. You don’t have time to bother with shady mechanics and the kid at the auto parts store.

You need an expert team who prides themselves by providing the best vehicle diagnostic service in the Piqua area. Our technicians can accurately diagnose the problem with your vehicle and give you a up-front, no hassle price. You’re sure to be back on the road in no time!

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Having your tires in proper alignment is one of the most important maintenance items on today’s cars. Modern suspension systems require a precise four-wheel alignment to work as the manufacturer intended. Having misaligned wheels can easily cause excessive and uneven tire wear. This is not only costly, but unsafe as well.

A tire that has worn unevenly can cause loss of traction and even hinder your vehicles responsiveness. A wheel alignment with one of today’s most advanced systems will help your tires last longer, your car drive smoother and straighten your steering wheel.

When should you bring your vehicle in for a wheel alignment?

  • After purchasing a new set of tires
  • When replacing suspension or steering components
  • After hitting a pothole, after an accident or collision
  • If your steering wheel is not centered
  • If your vehicle is pulling to one side when driving
  • If the steering feels unstable or is vibrating
  • When your tires are squealing while turning

Millet’s Automotive has recently acquired Hunter Engineering’s most advanced alignment system yet. With the use of powerful high definition cameras, intuitive software and a comprehensive vehicle information database, we can quickly and accurately determine your vehicle’s alignment. In addition, the Hawkeye Elite’s target sensors are designed so that they never come into contact with the wheels on your car, thus eliminating any chance of damage.

There are many possible causes for misalignment and it’s best to get your vehicle inspected as soon as possible. To schedule an appointment to have your vehicle’s tires aligned, give a call at (937) 773-8909 or Contact Us to see what we can do for you.

We offer a wide range of complete engine machine services. Our experienced staff can work on engine blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, and  connecting rods from start to finish.

Our long-standing shop is properly equipped to handle all of your engine machining needs. We can clean and prep any parts for machining along with cylinder boring, honing, and sleeving/lining. We also perform full cylinder head work that includes deck resurfacing, valve guide replacement, valve grinding, and porting. We even grind and polish crankshafts.

After years of racing and building engines, our experience allow us to pass practical and economic solutions onto our customers.

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